Becak Tour

The tour is around 2 hours. We go with Becak ( indonesian Tuk Tuk ) along the ricefields until the traditional rice factory. We stop at a project fpr ecofarming. Your guide will explain you a lot about the plants, the herbs and their use. We continue to see the production of palmsugar. Also you can taste it. Close to the riverside ( Bohorok river ) you can enjoy the great few and drink the juice of young coconut, which is very healthy. The last stop of our tour is a small fishfarm. From there the becak drives you back to Bukit Lawang.


Price : 23,-Euro per person ( minimum 2 people )

inclusive: Becak, english speaking guide, young coconut, palmsugar






Elephants in Tankahan

The tour starts at 8.30 am in Bukit Lawang and it takes about 2 hours off-road in a  private car to Tankahan. Passing palmoilplantations and villages we stop on the way to enjoy the amazing few. After lunch in Tankahan you can help washing the elephants in the river and it is also possible to do elephant trekking for one hour. Late afternoon we drive back to Bukit Lawang.


Preis: 95,- Euro per person ( elephant washing and trekking)

         55,- Euro per person ( only washing elephants )

        ( minimum 2 people )

Selang Pangeran ( Adopt a tree - Project / Windcave and waterfall )

Our 1 day tour starts at 9.00 am in Bukit Lawang. By Becak and/or motorbike we drive in about 30 minutes to Selang Pangeran at the Landak river.

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