my name is Wong , i am born in Bukit Lawang.

Since 2004 i am a guide and a member of the indonesian guide association HPI. The jungle is like my house, my second home. If you want to know about the magic of the jungle, the orang utans, the wildlife and medical plants contact us at Sumatra Trekking. We will give you good information and a great jungle experience.

" We are not the best, but we will try do do our best for you. "

Come and join us !



my name is Corinna, i work as a naturopath and i come from munich. When i was on a world journey i came to sumatra first time in 2001, i was living in Bukittinggi, Westsumatra for 8 month and learned the language there. My second home now is Bukit Lawang. I am managing Sumatra Trekking in close cooperation with the guides of Bukit Lawang and i am looking forward give you information or plan individual tours. Contact me at info@sumatra-trekking.com

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