Bukit Lawang

Jungle trek, jungle trek in Bukit Lawang ...

Bukit Lawang is a small tourist place, located 86 km from Medan, on the edge of the Gunung Leuser Nationalpark, in North Sumatra.

"Bukit" means "hill" and "Lawang" means "door" and so Bukit Lawang is the gateway to the mountains and the perfekt point to do trekking tours in the Gunung Leuser Nationalpark. Famous for the orangutans and the orangutan rehabilisation center, which was founded 1973, mostly tourists come to visit the feeding platform or to do jungletrekking. Beside the orangutans Bukit Lawang has much more to offer. The relaxed atmosphere with a lot of cafes, restaurant, guesthouses and warungs ( indonesien restaurants ) makes you want to stay fo a while. Tubing down the river, relaxing at the campinggound, go for a swim while watching the monkeys in the trees, visiting the bat cave or having a nice barbeque at landak river, visiting the friday market, junglepartys with guitar lifemusik, traditional indonesien weddings,there is certainly something for everyone.

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